people are very accepting of depression and anxiety and other mental illness until they run across someone who doesn’t fit the narrative of “aw poor sad beautiful shy girl who’s perfect in every way except she can’t see it but if you tell her you love her she’ll magically be cured”

because guess what it’s not that easy it’s not that simple it doesn’t work that way

mentally ill people are hard to deal with

we are by turns annoying and aggressive and shy and manic and depressed

we are not always fun to be around

we are difficult

and guess what? telling us we’re beautiful or we shouldn’t feel sad or we’re loved isn’t going to magically fix that

and god forbid we be crazy in a way that’s irritating to you

because the same people who claim to be there “if anyone needs anything at all!!!! <333” are usually the ones who are dismissive, cruel, who laugh when, god forbid, someone ISN’T that shy, sad, broken teenage girl who just needs someone to love her

and that acceptance ends abruptly when our mental illness becomes inconvenient

and that’s just fucked up.

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